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Every day, we inspire thousands of kids across the globe through our books, YouTube videos, and podcasts to identify, cultivate, and utilize their acting, singing, and other God-given talents for God's Kingdom and the marketplace. 


We're grateful for the broad reach and significant impact made possible by social media. However, we enjoy and cherish every moment we spend in communities dancing, shouting, clapping, and stomping with kids during storytime at local libraries and churches.


We have a unique clothing line with inspirational designs boldly displaying the way of God to bless and inspire anyone we meet in school, church, and community. 


We use a part of our income and donations from supporters to fund and promote our literacy initiative in communities. Our goal is for every child to have access to good education and learning materials.


We believe our noble contribution will embed biblical values and love into kids and build their capacity to teach others the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Kingdoms Kids was founded by Ashley Lunnon in 2019 - influenced and inspired by her grandmother to be aware of God's presence in all circumstances, she is determined to light the candle of love, faith, and wisdom in the hearts of every child who will go ahead and spread the light of Christ to every part the world.

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