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Join us for a 30-day prayer challenge, starting 2/1/23, as we teach children to pray using the PPRAY method! We know God answers prayer and shifts the atmosphere when we pray, and it is essential our children learn to engage with God on this level. The PPRAY method is perfect for children of all ages, and I will be using unique teaching styles including puppet shows, short cartoon animations, arts and crafts, and more to help them understand the importance of prayer and thanking their creator, even at their young age.
I understand that we are all spread across different time zones, so this class is designed to be done at your own pace each week. Each week will consist of two puppet show videos, two arts and crafts, the scripture of the week video, and song of the week. At the end of each week, your child will receive a certificate of completion. The prayer challenge is free to participate in, though we do ask that each student uses their own prayer journal which can be found below

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