Author Danielle Bucknor

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Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one falls, the other can reach out and support. This is precisely what 7 years old Author Danielle Bucknor aims to teach in her short yet impactful stories that promote love and friendship amongst children of diverse cultures.Danielle is on a mission to show people how God loves to see a world where everyone is united in love, irrespective of our many differences.She is passionate about achieving her mission. She won't stop until people of all races, classes, and gender come together as one, just like God intended it to be.

Author Ashley Lunnon

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Ashley Lunnon is a firm believer in the fact that faith takes you on an adventure that leads to God. Through her work, she aims to inspire others to go on a personal journey to find God. Fueled by inspiration received from her grandmother, she desires to encourage others to always have the ability to overcome the tribulations of life and strive to always see the bright side of any situation. 

Ashley is an author, illustrator, and Youth leader with a passion for cultivating environments where children can learn the Word of God. Her book series was crafted with the goal of weaving together biblical truth, life lessons, and history with magical stories that engage the hearts of children. 

With a passion for writing, Ashley fondly recalls the encouragement she received from her grandmother to be aware of God’s presence in all circumstances. Her powerful relationship with her grandmother inspired her towards a life-altering relationship with God, who filled her life with the purpose she is living out today. 

Knowing the influence of a powerful witness, Ashley was determined to be the same kind of presence in the lives of others. She now employs her God-given gifts to help others encounter the all-encompassing love of God. Ashley Lunnon is the founder of Kashlly Designs in North Carolina, where she pursues her creative endeavors with a focus on the furtherance of God’s Kingdom.