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Welcome to Kingdom Corner! Our goal is to help kids learn about the love of God and discover the joy it can bring to their life. We believe that when children understand His love and grace, they are filled with joy and can understand the power of faith in their lives.

Age Groups


15 M- 4  Years



School Age 
5-9 Years

In Classroom

Pre Teen 
10-12 Years

What Do We Offer

Video Camera

16 Classes Monthly
ONLY $5 

Kids in Preschool

Printable Resources

We offer a variety of virtual classes tailored to the needs of each child. Our experienced instructors help kids explore their faith in engaging and age-appropriate ways. Our classes bring out a child’s natural curiosity while they learn and grow in their faith journey.
Whether your child is a beginner or advanced in their knowledge of God’s love, there's a class here for them! We have 10 different classes to choose from that cover everything from bible stories and worship songs, to prayer and scripture memorization.

Meet Our Head Teacher Ms.Ashley

If you have something particular in mind for your child, we can work with you to create a custom-crafted class that meets their needs. We'll work together to make sure your child gets the personalized instruction they need without any stress.
At Kingdom Corner, our mission is to make learning about faith fun and enjoyable so kids can embrace God's love with all of their heart. We want kids to know that God loves them and is proud of them, and that faith brings us so much joy. With our virtual classes, your child will have all the support they need from our staff and instructors in an inviting and positive environment. 
So don't wait, join us at Kingdom Corner today! Register now and find the perfect class to help your child explore their faith, have fun along the way, and understand the love of God in their lives.
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