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How to Worry Less


“Can a woman forget her nursing child,

And not have compassion on the son of her womb?

Surely they may forget,

Yet I will not forget you."

-NKJV, Isaiah 49:15

One of the most common features of parents and parenting is worrying and fear.

Every parent is afraid of their child's well-being right from the womb. An expecting mother will be too scared to sit in a particular way or lie down in a particular way because she is afraid of what will happen to the child in her womb. Some parents take almost too long to send their children to school because they don't trust the teacher to know and meet the special needs of their children.

Worrying and fear is common feature of parenting. But this is not entirely necessary if you involve God in your child's life and trust Him to protect and watch over your child

In Isaiah 49:15, God is revealing to you that He is a better parent than you.

That as a human you may even forget some vital aspects of parenting. But He can never forget the existence or needs of your child.

Therefore trust your child's welfare in His hands.

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