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Book #1 Was God with Martin Luther King as he spoke out against racism and oppression? What about Rosa Parks when she sat on that bus? Or with Harriet Tubman as she helped slaves escape? Danielle and Emmanuel wanted to know so they went back in time to find the answer themselves! Join Emmanuel and Danielle as they go back to see for themselves God in the midst of some of history’s greatest moments.


Book#2 Filled with wonderful illustrations, ‘Trapped in the Wilderness’ is an exciting and adventurous story of teamwork, determination and believing in yourself. It teaches children to self-evaluate, consider how they depend on outside sources and how to tap into their inner spirit! Above all, it perfectly introduces children to the importance, love and power of God and Jesus Christ while building self-esteem and self-love.


Book#3 Danielle never really understood what her mom meant when she said her grandma was in Heaven with God. She was just happy to enjoy everything that Christmas had to offer and as usual she was going to do it with her grandma. While searching for her in their house isn’t a success, Danielle instead enters a trance-like state and within that she is able to communicate with grandma and is taught about love and responsibility, and that grandma has done her job on Earth and is able to enjoy her eternal rest.


Book #4 Coloring Book


Book #5 & 6 Under the olive tree is the cradle of love and true friendship.Right in the pages of this book is friendship in its truest and purest form between two children, just as God intends it to be.It shows the innocent connection between kids, who despite having many differences, see nothing but themselves reflecting in each other. A relationship built on mutual affection, compassion, concern, and trust.They spend their special bonding moments together under the Olive Tree, which represents peace and friendship in the Bible, where they have fun chatting and spreading positivity to one another.This book appreciates diversity in friendship and draws the reader into the world of two children from different cultures who form an unlikely relationship.This book is for parents who want their children to appreciate the beauty of God in every child and learn about building and sustaining friendships.


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