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Did God Forget About Me?

Did God Forget About Me?

Our thoughts and speech are powerful. They can influence the course of our life.


Did God Forget About Me? is a Godly affirmation book for every child, especially kids with special needs that see themselves as different from their peers. It influences them to rise above negative thoughts, self-doubt, low self-esteem, and anxiety.


This book is full of powerful affirmations and inspiring Bible verses for children to confess over their lives daily to:


➢ Put negative self-talk in check.


➢ Build positive attitudes and beliefs.


➢ Boost confidence and healthy self-esteem.


➢ Encourage kindness to themselves, peers and family.


➢ Memorize and personalize the Bible.


It is an affirmation book that provides answers for every child asking, Did God Forget About Me? Reminding them that they are resilient, smart and perfect just the way they are.


No one will ever influence your child's life like their thoughts and confessions would. Did God Forget About Me? helps children embrace their true identity in Christ, renew their minds, and develop an attitude of gratitude and positivity, which will impact every area of their life.


This book will release 12/1/2022

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