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Are you inspired to start your own Christian-based business but unsure where to begin? Join the Kingdom Builders Mentorship Program, a unique initiative designed to guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the process of establishing a business grounded in Christian values.

What We Offer:

- Initial Consultation: Book a 1-hour video call with our founder, a seasoned Christian entrepreneur. This introductory session is your opportunity to ask all your questions, from business basics to integrating faith into your enterprise. You'll receive personalized advice tailored to your vision and goals.

-Ongoing Support: For those who wish to dive deeper, we offer ongoing mentorship services. Continue your entrepreneurial journey with structured support, including regular check-ins, resource guides, and actionable strategies to grow your business successfully.

Program Highlights:

-Personalized Guidance: Direct access to expert advice tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of faith-based entrepreneurship.

-Flexible Learning: Choose between a single consultation or an extended mentorship path, depending on your needs and pace.


-Community of Faith: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for making a positive impact through business.

-Start Your Journey Today: Embrace the path to successful entrepreneurship underpinned by your Christian values.

Ready to start your faith-based entrepreneurial journey? Book your 1-hour mentorship session with Ashley today!


Here's how it works:


Book and Pay: Simply click on the 'Book Now' button below to schedule your session. Upon booking, you'll be prompted to pay the session fee. This fee secures your one-on-one video chat with Ashley.

Receive Confirmation: Once your booking and payment are confirmed, Ashley will personally contact you within 72 hours to finalize the details of your session.

Prepare to Engage: During your session, feel free to ask anything — from business strategies to incorporating your faith into your operations. This is your time to get all the insights you need.

Q&A Mentorship Program

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