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Prayer chart kingdom kids.png
Prayer chart kingdom kids.png
Prayer chart kingdom kids.png

We often shelter our children because we want them to enjoy their childhood, but sadly, the world we live in has a way of robbing us of this opportunity. This guided journal will teach children everything they need to know about themselves and their surroundings, when their parents are not around.

Some key teaching sections:
Self-awareness: Teaches children to know who they are and what they shouldn’t tolerate from other children and adults.
Calling for help: Knowing when and how to properly call for help in dangerous situations without being afraid.
Speaking up: Teaches Children how to respectfully speak up for themselves when something is wrong.
Finding your way home: Teaches Children how to safely get home or ask for help when lost.
CPR/ First Aid: Shows children how to perform basic CPR and other life-saving Strategies.
Abuse: Teaches children how to identify and deal with Mental, physical and emotional abuse.
Stranger danger: Teaches children why it is important to stay away from strangers.
Sexual assault: Teaches children how to protect themselves against assault and how to report any attempt or molestation properly.
Stop, drop and roll: Teaches children proper flight or fight techniques to use when in danger. For example, a fire outbreak, Active shooter and so much more...

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