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Empower your children to navigate their emotions with the strength of God's Word. Our beautifully designed flashcards are perfect for children of all ages, offering a practical and engaging way to connect feelings with prayers and scripture. This set includes 12 double-sided cards, featuring emotions on the front and corresponding prayers and Bible verses on the back. Easy to assemble and perfect for daily use, these flashcards are an invaluable tool for spiritual growth and emotional development. Purchase your set today and help your child find comfort and guidance through God's truth!

Printing and Assembly Instructions for "Navigating Emotions with God's Truth" FlashcardsPrint the Flashcards:Download and open the digital flashcard file.Print the file on standard letter-sized paper (8.5" x 11").Each sheet will have 4 flashcards on it.Fold the Paper:Carefully fold each printed sheet in half side-by-side, aligning the edges.Staple or Glue:Staple or apply glue along the folded edge to secure the front and back of the flashcards together.If using glue, allow it to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.Cut Out the Flashcards:Once stapled or the glue has dried, cut along the lines to separate each flashcard.You will now have double-sided flashcards with a feeling or emotion on the front and a prayer and scripture on the back.Your flashcards are now ready to use!

Navigating Emotions with God's Word Digital Download

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