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What do you get from this class:

- 4 lessons weekly
- Bible story, educational lesson, object lesson, and worksheet bundles related to each Bible story

- Example:
Week one will focus on God's creation story:
  - Video one: Reading of the story of Adam and Eve in an engaging style
  - Video two: Educational lesson on Adam and Eve for your child
  - Video three: Object lesson about Adam and Eve
  - Video four: Explanation of the worksheet bundle accompanying the lesson

What will this cost:

- Only five dollars per month (Cancel at any time)

Where can you access this class:

- Starting from Tuesday, July 18, 2023
- Accessible through Instagram subscriptions @_KingdomKids__
- To enroll, visit my Instagram and hit the subscribe button
- Pay five dollars for instant access to all available classes
- First videos will be posted on Tuesday, July 18th, 2023.
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