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Easter is a time of celebration and joy, but it’s important to remember the real reason behind the holiday. While candy, bunnies, and Easter egg hunts may be the most common ways for children to celebrate, the message of Easter is about Jesus.

It’s important for us to remember the message of Easter when talking with kids and teaching them about this special holiday. Rather than focusing on all the fun treats and activities, we should emphasize the importance of spiritual reflection during this time.

Explain to them that Easter is a time to remember Jesus’ death and resurrection and how it changed the world. Talk to them about how Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins, and how his resurrection brought hope to all of us. Show them how Jesus’ actions helped bring us closer to God than ever before and how his sacrifice changed history.

Help them understand why Jesus’ death and resurrection is such an important event in our lives, and encourages them to reflect on it. Show them pictures of Jesus’ crucifixion and explain why he chose to do that and what it was like for him as he hung from the cross. Encourage them to think about how much he sacrificed for us.

Help them understand why celebrating Easter is so important and let them know that it isn’t just about candy and bunnies. Take them to a church or let them watch a movie or read a book about Jesus’ life and his message. Talk to them about how our faith gives us joy, comfort, and hope in a chaotic world.

Remind children that Jesus is the reason for the season and celebrating his sacrifice is the best way to observe the holiday. Let them know that celebrating Jesus with our words and actions is a far greater way of honoring him than with bunnies, eggs, and chocolate. Celebrating Easter is something that goes far beyond any store-bought treats or parties. It’s a time to remember Jesus, rejoice in his love and sacrifice, and demonstrate our faith in him.

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Nicole C
Nicole C
Apr 10, 2023

Amen!! Abby and I watched the passion of the Christ this year. Also her and Ryan did a preparing for Easter devotional on YouVersion.

Unfortunately it’s becoming just like Christmas but that’s the plan of the enemy to deceive but we as Christians parents must step up and fight back by teaching our kids the truth!

Nicole C
Nicole C
Apr 10, 2023
Replying to


I meant they READ a prepare for Easter plan on the YouVersion Bible App.

But anything is possible God willing.

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